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Pre Implementation

A Workday® journey should be exciting. With all the potential that Workday® brings, it can also bring stress, difficulty and the possibility of over looking critical details if not done right.

We empower you to make sure those details don’t fall between the cracks, and ensure that embarking on this journey heads in the right direction. The first phase of implementing Workday® is the discovery and design phase, the process of identifying the key requirements for your system.

WD Assist is here to help you from the start, before the pen even hits the contract paper and you sign up for Workday®. Supporting you in all aspects of Workday® is our speciality.

We know exactly what makes the Workday® system tick, and what potential businesses can get out of it.

We help you figure out exactly what you need in your Workday® system and the benefit each module will have on your business.

During Implementation

WD Assist leadership have over 100+ Workday® Implementations under their belt.

We are on hand to offer up to date insights on everything you need to know about one of the worlds most innovative systems. Our team of consultants focus on your projects and the best outcomes for your business.

If you are currently running your Workday® implementation or which to embark on a Workday® Implementation journey and need support, then get in touch. WD Assist can offer everything from Client Advocacy implementation services, Divestiture / Acquisition services, Fixed priced integrations, & Advisory Services all whilst ensuring that we help you understand the Workday® issues that traditional partners may take advantage of.

In short, with WD Assist you get clear, concise implementation support with less red tape than you may get with a traditional Workday® Partner.

Our aim is to make support for your project as seamless, fun and as simple as possible.

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Post Implementation

WD Assist is built by Seasoned Workday® Consultants with experience in both Consulting and End User Environments.
We know the pitfalls your tenant and organisation manual workarounds you can experience due to a poorly implemented end product.

Whether you want to implement another module in your post production environment with the large SI costs? We can help!
Want to not spend so much time fixing Workday®? We have got you covered.
Want WD Assist to be an extension of your support organisation? We can assist!

Look no further as we are on hand to ensure that your maintenance of Workday® isn’t so much hard work anymore.

Innovation Services

Our Innovation services are designed to help you push Workday® further.

By utilising intelligent third party applications, we can help you get the most from your system and your people. Focus on the things you do best, and let AI take care of the more routine, repetitive tasks.

By allowing us to identify areas of your system that allow for innovation through a combination of Robotic Processes, Analytics Development, Reporting, and Off the Shelf Integrations, we can help you continually evolve. Innovation through system development is essential to maintaining a top class system.