Our Partnerships

// TORI Global

TORI Global was formed in 2002, by C-level practitioners who were unhappy with the offerings and services provided by the mainstream consulting and technology service providers. Focusing on IT related Management Consulting services within the Financial Services sector, TORI has worked on a diverse range of programmes with most of the major Banks (Retail, Investment & Commercial), Insurance, Wealth Management and Building Societies, making a positive impact to client needs and always improving the bottom line.  

TORI believe that delivering success for clients relies on successful partnerships, and that successful partnerships are founded and firmly anchored on the values of: Trust, Openness, Respect and Integrity; the acronym forming the company name.

Our capabilities and offerings include inter alia, Optimising operations, Organisation transformation, Regulatory & compliance advisory, IT and business strategy and Digitisation.

TORI have a team of experienced Practitioners and Associates in London, New York, and Dublin and utilise a global delivery framework that provides a flexible and scalable resourcing model to support client engagements.


// Virgil HR

Organizations are responsible for complying with thousands of ever-changing federal, state, and local employment and labor laws, which supersede each other.

As a result, organizations are spending time and money tracking compliance requirements and find themselves exposed to significant risk and liability, leading to expensive legal costs, settlements, and unionization.                       

VirgilHR hosts a proprietary database of employment and labor law requirements that integrates across various HR Information Systems to help you manage the compliance of employment actions. This seamless integration delivers real-time, prescriptive guidance across federal, state, and local employment and labor laws, which is automatically provided to your HR and management teams.